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Covid 19 and the Front Line Workers

The Way I See It!
A Blog by Mike Erickson

 April 23.. Covid-19 and the FL Nurses          

I usually get irritated, frustrated and sometimes angry that my wife snores..  Every night between midnight and 3am, I lay awake debating whether to pinch, push, spank her or roll her over..  the snoring is loud, and annoying.

Last night… there was no snoring…  she got up at 12:45 to use the bathroom, and didn’t come back to bed…  I searched the house and found her sitting on the couch in our living room, tears running down her face;   she was sobbing..   Wondering if I had done or said something that upset her, I settled in to talk..  What came out was astounding..

My wife is a senior nurse (Team Leader) at a small rural hospital that along with every other medical institution is suffering from the Covid19 pandemic.  In her valiant effort to lead her nurses, calm her patients and assuage her superiors… she is being pulled in many directions.  Being senior staff, everyone expects her to have the answers… to solve the problems… to make things right.  For years while our children were growing up, that is exactly what she did at home.  She was the stable go to parent that calmly went about day to day life.

Things have changed.. we are in the midst of a fight against an invisible deadly disease,   there are more questions than answers.   Her new policies and procedures change daily, hourly.  As her long serving colleagues and friends retire she is increasingly called upon by inexperienced staff for assistance.   She does her best to keep her cool despite the fact that she can’t be everything to everyone.  Simply stated… she is doing her best in a job that at this time is dangerous, demanding and exhausting.

Why am I blogging about this?  To let everyone know that there are superheroes among us that we take for granted, and don’t thank often enough.  Change will come, we will resume somewhat of a normal life..  For me.. after last night, listening to the pain and frustration coming from my wife….i am going to be more outwardly, publically thankful and accepting.   I will pay it forward at the coffee shop…  I won’t be so quick to criticize.  I will enjoy listening to her snoring… because then I will know that she is sleeping soundly, getting much needed rest,  and hopefully her mind is at peace knowing she made a difference.

Thank a FrontLine worker today!

  • Ivan on

    Extremely well said my friend. I’ve had the same situation at home. These are trying times for all, but increasingly so for our medical professionals, and not just due to Covid related issues. Thank a Frontline worker indeed.

  • Lee Erickson on

    Well said.

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